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Bye bye Zurich!

It was not only a goodbye from all the friends we made in the last years, it was also one from the lifestyle we have gotten used to. Spacious, comfortable apartment in a nice neighborhood, not being scared of the bill when shopping or going out, frequent traveling to the neighboring countries or further away, a safe net of insurances and public infrastructure. But also the routine of a 9 to 6 job, plus a 2 hour commute (for Moiken), leaving little time for ourselves, friends and family.
Between our last day at work on March 31 and our last day in Zurich on April 20, we have been busy canceling all our subscriptions and commitments, selling and packing our things and emptying and cleaning our apartment. That was a lot of work, but easy to do. More difficult was saying goodbye to all those dear to us; people we have met as workmates, neighbors or as acquaintances and who have become good friends.
But in the numerous farewell dinners, breakfasts and drinks, one thing was agreed: We will stay in touch and our paths will cross again, one way or another.
Thank you Zurich!

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  1. Viel Glück, tollle Begegnungen und jetzt erstmal einen guten Start wünschen wir Euch!!!!
    Vielen Dank für den Lonely Planet und hoffentlich kreuzen sich unsere Wege im Sommer!!!
    Herzliche Grüße von Ines und Tom aus Münster

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