Hiking Adventure from Tallinn to Lisbon!



This adventure will impact our lives as well as the lives of many others.

We will learn a lot every day about our environment, our continent, ourselves. The people we will meet during this year will keep a little bit of our lives with them and we will take a bit of their experience with us on our way.

Through this site, we hope to transmit the spirit of adventure, knowledge about new places and the certainty that our ideas can come true if we really put our heart in it.

Hiking is a great way to discover your surroundings, exercise your body and disconnect from a busy urban lifestyle. We want to contribute to the fantastic idea of international hiking trails by documenting the stages of our hike and waymarking where needed and desired by local hiking associations.



12 crossed countries
319 hiking days
89 resting days

Updated on 11/06/2016 – ARRIVED IN LISBON!