Hiking Adventure from Tallinn to Lisbon!



Europe is a beautiful continent, rich in history, culture and natural diversity. There is so much more to see than capitals and tourist attractions and we want to discover that. We want to experience how landscape, language, culture, and food slowly change; see small villages, everyday life, natural reserves. That’s why we walk.

The European long distance path E9 seems perfect for our adventure. We will walk 5200km from Tallinn to Lisbon, crossing 12 countries from the North to the very South of Europe, following the coastline of the Baltic Sea, North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. During one year, we want to hike 20-25 km a day, stop a few days where we like it more, and enjoy the scenery, new encounters and plenty of time for ourselves.

Our eyes and minds won’t be focused only on the sea. The land will be at least as interesting, as it is here where will meet new people, savour the landscape and experience local life and culture.



12 crossed countries
319 hiking days
89 resting days

Updated on 11/06/2016 – ARRIVED IN LISBON!